Thursday and very warm

We were waiting for a big delivery of ridingbreeches so I staid home all morning!

Or I went for my jogging round 3 times. I tell you it was H A R D ! Cause my feet was very stiff in the muscle from the beginning. But I did it anyway! 11 000m!

Later I went to the stables! Loads of hand walking so the horses could eat green grass and putting them on the treadmill!

I rode out most of the horses today! The paddock is a little up and down, meaning we still are waiting for more sand! And strangely enough some days it feels good, but today it felt hard!

Could have something to do with how much water it got, if it was done by the tractor, and what temperature it is in the air? Just a thought!

It was really hot, like 27+ degrees! So non of the horses was fresh! It has gone directly from winter to really hot summer! Even Picsou behaved perfect! Not even a hint of rodeo!

I was sweating a lot! Since it’s still just April I have in mind what my mother and father thought me, that the air is still cold even though the sun feels warm!

So I went with a longe sleeved t-shirt! Haha, at least nobody can say I don’t listen to my mother 😍 but look my hair 😂 so sweat it’s glued to my head😂

No gym today! Ready for bed now!

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