Friday, mountain cardio and shopping

Had a Protein pudding for breakfast and headed to my cardio mountain! i freeze very easy but today I had WAAAY to much clothes on! So warm! was a bit tired in the end, but kept fighting all the way up!

I had to buy a little device to print stickers out for sending the pants when they are sold on the web site, but before that I treated myself to some Starbucks!

Smart as I am I had packed a lunch box and some clothes to use in the stables, as I always do, but this time I had forgotten a top.. luckily I had this Nike top in the truck cause I was really wet in that purple longe sleeved Kari Traa training top!

Horses was good, we all got good and sweat!

I forgot to tell you guys that Chambord new owner phoned me yesterday and he and her are doing SOOO GOOOD!!!! They just won a 110! He is very happy with her and she takes super good care of him!

Makes me happy to know

I’m not so motivated to blog for the moment! I put loads of effort in to it and I have s lot of readers but almost never any feedback! Like if you would leave a little more often comments it would motivate me a lot!

I have blogs that I read in the evening before going to bed, and if it’s not a new post I get a Little disappointed about it!

Is it anyone who reads my blog everyday, and miss it if I don’t post?

Here is two pictures from my fashion acc. I look so serious! Hahaha! Normally I’m always so smiley! Btw, reminds me to buy they green monster chocolate Next time I’m in Geneva! It’s made there and they only have it in the summer! ❤️François LOVES it.

mean while in Danmark they are working on braking in Delveaux. He’s a stallion and we are thinking of making frozen seemen of him!

21 thoughts on “Friday, mountain cardio and shopping”

  1. Please don’t be dissapointed, keep on writing your daily blog because it’s great having news from you! I enjoy a lot getting in bed and read how were the horses along the day !! It may be hard for you,i guess sometimes you’re too tired to post, but i’m sure people apreciate it!!

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  2. I enjoy the posts. I am curious about how you maintain soundness especially in the older guys. Do you do hock injections or and supplements? Any chiro or acupuncture?

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  3. Hej, dont stop bloging. I read it first thing in the morning. I love when you make pictures and let us take a part of your life.

    Best regards

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  4. Det er såå koselig å lese bloggen din!🌟 Veldig interessant å lese om treningen av hestene, og så liker jeg din blide og positive holdning👍🏻😄

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  5. Er såå kjekt å lese bloggen din, du er utrolig motiverende! 👏 positiviteten din smitter veldig, føler jeg kan mestre litt mer 😅😊 kunne du ha fortalt litt om løpe-treningene dine? 🙈 håper du får en fin fin dag!

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  6. I read your blog every day too! I find you a very positive and a hard working person and your blog gives me huge motivation to my own training – Especially your tips on training canter were very useful to my horse too.
    Actually, since I started reading your blog, I have become a real fan. You being a pretty, young, blond woman with nice clothes and nice horses it would be easy to envy and characterice you just ”an air headed rich girl”, but you are far from it. Your hard working attitude, the way you look after your horses, the knowledge you have on training and riding, the positive way you handle negative feedback and the way you address your husband; with love and respect to your compagnion, is a huge inspiration and make you a wonderful role model.

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  7. Er innom bloggen hvertfall en gang om dagen … Gjerne flere 😂🙈 alltid like happy hver gang du har postet nytt innlegg ✌💫

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  8. I have also started reading your blog, and I like to see how you live your life and what you struggle with in your everyday.

    I especially like that you appreciate your lifestyle and that you are a thankful person, even though you have much more (materially) than probably most of us readers 🙂

    I started reading very critical, but it is hard not to like you, because of your very positive attitude and you are so open-hearted. I was really surprised about that.

    I also have an older boyfriend (25 years difference), so I know how it is to be met with critical views, like you probably also have to deal with.

    I never commented because I thought you might not answer. But it is nice to see that you do 🙂

    I am a German/French girl living in Denmark 🙂

    Kind regards,

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    1. Dear Karoline! Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate that you took the time! I have lived in Danmark for many years also!
      I hope you like it!
      Did you start speaking Danish?
      Best wishes


      1. Hi Eva, I already spoke Danish before I moved, because my father was in the Danish Minority of Germany, so we went to danish Kindergarten and school in Germany. The Danish border once has been more south (and also more north) than now.

        But even though, many things changed when I moved to DK, because I could no longer drive same car as in Germany, health system is different too, tax system also. Many things to get used to…

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