Saturday and date night

But first, protein pancake breakfast at home!

If you are interested in the recipe I made a YouTube tutorial

And by the way! I had bought ❤️Francois some new clothes in France when I was there! And I had laid them out on the bed for him as a surprise! Was so excited for him to wake up and find them! He was very happy about it!

After eating I went to the stables! I have the horses on my own until next week Thursday, so it’s not only riding! It’s a lot of other things also! Like going to eat grass with them, filling water, cleaning tack! Cleaning up shit when they shit, you get it!

This is what I’m wearing today! Navy JEM ridingbreeches, Burberry t-shirt, Parlanti Passion boots, Gucci belt

I’m still not working Alf’i after his lunge inflammation, but he goes on the treadmill and I hand walk him! He has some fever on and off, and I don’t want to start to early!

Picsou and me had flat work today over poles! I put out two poles with 21 m in between and also a dog leg of two poles! To know what a dog leg is check this video out:

So I could stay on the same hand/way, and riding 5/6/7 strides on the 21 m and doing the dogleg with poles to train the correct change of canter, the bend, straightness and rhythm! Was a very good training for me and Picsou! Must be stronger to change the canter from left to right, but to change the rhythm and strides between he poles was easy for us! Good boy

Even though I have I tight schedule with all the horses alone! I make time for some cuddles! Quin really LOVES IT

Today was also a very warm day, and Duc was quite fresh in a little strange way! He wanted to run, but have all wight on the front, or if I could get him to wait and go slow, he still did not want to be active with the hind legs anna carry himself! So needles to say I had to sit down and really concentrate! Get the horse to wait, at the same time be active, and later on go forward active but wait at the same time!

He was really good in the end of the training !

In the evening me and ❤️Francois went out on a date and had a really good 3 course dinner! And this is what I was wearing!Francois was wearing one of his super cool Zilli jackets and the training clothes I surprised him with this morning LOVE HIM! He is the BEST

To all of you that took time to comment yesterday! This post is thanks to you! Otherwise I would probably not have done anything with the blog today! But you have me the motivation

10 thoughts on “Saturday and date night”

  1. Den Dior vesken er såååå fin 😍 så fint antrekk til stallen og! 💪 heldige hester som har deg 😁 tusen takk for at du sprer positivetet!

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  2. Ang gårsdagens post: Du følges i stillhet fra oss gammeljentn 😊 å nån a oss e like bekymra når ikke dagens blogg ikke e oppe. D e utruli gøy å følge m på ka du gjør dit du e kommet! Stå på, å fortsett å la gamle Narvik jente få ta del i hverdagen din. Den e litt anna enn livet hjemme 😂

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  3. I really enjoy reading your blogs. I live in Australia so it’s really interesting to hear how differently your horses live. Thank you for sharing what you do and your daily routine!


  4. I love reading your blog and seeing how you work with your horses, being a rider myself I always love learning from you! Thank you for sharing what you do 🙂

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