Sunday and jumping

Pancakes and headed to the stables!

Tessa and her boyfriend Massimo helped me build the jumps! When the 3 of us did it together it went fast! ❤️Francois came after and helped me to train

First horse to jump with was Quin! And here’s my outfit: JEM ridingpants that I have colored yellow myself, Gucci t-shirt and belt, Parlanti Passion boots, and Kep Italia helmet! Quin is super cute with the Equiline saddlepad that I have sewed stones on myself

Today we “broke” up the course when I trained with Quin! First we focused manly on the gymnastic line, and jumped it a few times higher and higher, after the line with a vertical and 5 strides to a oxer! The whole purpose with that was that I could ride the turns better on him, focus on one element to improve the straightness and my effectivity of my helper! So when we jumped the whole little course later it was easy.

Next horse was Picsou! We tried a new bit today. its a “Pessoa” with a straight mouth pice and room for the tongue! I had really good control on it, but I’m thinking it could be to sharp. I’m going to try the same bit but made in a more “light wight” material to see if it makes some difference! Picsou was jumping super and I had so much fun together with him

Then Duc! He as good also! Him and Ice Tea can get tired when it’s this warm, but in different ways, when Duc gets tired he’s completely covered in sweat and gets strong and very hot to ride. When Ice Tea gets tired from the heat he gets heavy and unconcentrated! So both of them had to have a quite easy warm up, so they still had some energy for the jumping!

Duc did not jump a lot, the course one time quite low! He was good So Ice Tea!! He was actually super today!! He listen to me and was very relaxed! He even jumped the line quite high without having any poles down! Happy the vertical with 5 a little forward to a oxer is a typical thing that Ice Tea would try to attack jump! But today he waited perfectly and even gave some air on the oxer!

When the jumping was finished it was time for me to take care of Jill , Alf’i and Teddy! Also to change ice boots on the horses that needed! Clean the tack!

When we got home ❤️Francois was busy with his to do list of the day so I went alone to the gym! I already burned 1800 KCAL in the Stables today, since I did most of the job myself! I had Tessa to help me with the jumps and to brush the next horse! Thank you Tessa! Anyway, it was no need for me to go to the gym, but when I have planed something I do it! So I did

Im getting more and more in shape after Christmas and after, ah yeah..

me and ❤️Francois had dinner at home and I have fixed some stuff on he computer. We have also watched tv together, love to snuggle up on the sofa with him and watch tv

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