Monday and mountain cardio

Started my day with some mountain cardio! I actually had a little snickers bar in the car on my way down! Carbs in the morning are okey! the mountain cardio is between 750 and 900 kcal! So it’s quite hard! But fun!

After that I went to take care of the horses! I had walked most of them today since they jumped yesterday

and Daniel came to check Alf’i! He needs to be fever free one whole week, and then I can start to ride! He also took some blood so if all the values are up we can start to ride next week!

Me and ❤️Francois went to Montreux for some lunch

Got some groceries and went back to the stables! I took Duc and Ice Tea for a ride in the forest! Mostly Trott and walk! They were both really good and relaxed

Dinner at home and gym together in the evening! I also mostly prepare breakfast and lunch in the evening for the day after! Today I also pressed 2 litters of oranges for ❤️Francois 😍

4 thoughts on “Monday and mountain cardio”

  1. It’s suspicious I think that Francois is very strikt about how you look, your clothes has to be by these brands, and you keep counting kcal and doing cardio.. but yet he is not about himself? I hope he’s treating you well..

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    1. Thank you for a very nice and crying comment! I appreciate it very much! Francois had always girlfriends that was models, except his wife (it was arrange marriage and he had to marry a Jew, I’m not saying that she was fat or ugly or anything, she was not a model but nice anyway!) so of course he wants me to look good. And I love fashion so I’m very grateful for the beautiful clothes! He does not push me to be thin, but I know he likes it. He tells me every day that I’m the most beautiful girl he ever had, and he’s friends also says that Francois have had a lot of beautiful women but I’m the most beautiful, and that makes me happy! I think Everybody wants their partner to think they are the most beautiful and best! If I push myself to hard when I have the headaches (after that person attack me) and have a brake down that I fall apart and just can’t go home he comes and pick me up and take good care, until I’m strong again! I can eat what I want for him, but he wants me to stay away from sugar since I’m allergic! I always been a quite fit person and I like it also!


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