Thursday and arrival from 🇳🇴

Woke up happy next to my love ❤️Francois and could see two new orders had come during the night! JIPPIIIII

Had breakfast and went for a 7500 km run

Then to the post office with the riding breeches! SO HAPPY!

After that I got groceries for my BFF Tina and her fried Linn that arrives today! Tina is going to be here 6 weeks to help me with the horses and train with her superstar horse Laziano!

She is of course a true #JEM🐴 rider! Hers she is with #JEM🐴 in white

#JemOneSeem🐴 navy/blue


I helped them to unpack and took care of my own horses!

I had Dressage with Duc, ❤️Francois was here to train me and had some mid training cuddles with him

Haha! Fun fact! I got this tack box for my confirmation when I was 14! When I moved to Switzerland I gave it to Tina and she still has it and takes great care of it!Stickers from when me, Tromsø Kvinnen Tina and my parents was competing with my two horses Mason and Greatest Parida in Finland!

Here’s a picture of me and Ice Tea from today! I’m wearing JEM ridingbreeches in Bordeaux, Gucci sweater, scarf and belt, Kep ITALIA Helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

I need to go to bed now! I’m trying to marked the web site as much as I can! And I would be so happy and grateful if you can help me! Please share the web site on your social media!


The web site is more than just a shop! You can get a lot of info about us and the horses there! But I would be very happy and proud if you did buy some pants

4 thoughts on “Thursday and arrival from 🇳🇴”

  1. Hei Eva! Jeg ønsker bare å si at jeg så gjerne skulle kjøpe bukser fra deg. Dels fordi de ser fantastiske ut, men også fordi du virker som en så utrolig, ekte og bra person. Dessverre er ikke økonomien min slik at jeg har mulighet til det, jeg studerer, har to små barn og jobber ekstra innen eldreomsorgen, så jeg har ikke så mye rom for ekstra. Men én dag håper jeg at jeg også kan være med å støtte ved å kjøpe fra deg 🙂 Det fortjener du for det utrolig harde og gode jobb du har gjort.

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    1. TUSEN TAKK for en kjempe fin kommentar! Setter enormt pris på den! Send meg en email så kanskje vi kan finne en løsning for ridebukser! Jeg beundrer det du gjør, barn skole jobb 💖💖💖


  2. Eva!! Your blogg is amazing please don’t stop sharing with us, for me you are a great inspiration, but I have to ask do you have bad days at riding? Because you always ride perfect, actually today I had a pretty bad day and I got a little disappointed because I was going pretty well and today it sucked.
    Also your riding pants are awesome, I’m actually saving to be able to buy some, because they are so pretty and look so comfy.
    Please don’t stop writing because it may not seem to you but for the ones that we read your blogg is really an inspiration and looking forward to some day ride like you do.
    Have a great day!! Greetings to you and François!!!

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    1. We all have days like that! You can even see the stars on tv retire in a important competition!
      I have written a lot about that, to be disappointed and how to deal with it!
      From last show I wrote a lot about it, if you scroll down you will find it!
      I wish you all the best and thank you for a beautiful comment 💖


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