Saturday, the day of the 🦄unicorn

Day started with me getting dressed in my unicorn costume and going to the post to post yesterday’s orders

Then we headed to the stables to do some unicorn stuff to promote the new web site


We have a weekend offer that, the offer of the magical unicorn! Buy one pair of pants this weekend and get one for free!

Ice Tea was very friendly with the unicorn🦄 and jumped super as always!

Duc on the other hand was terrified of the unicorn, and it took a long time before he realized it was me😂

Dressage with Duc and Picsou! Both was super! Forest riding with Quin

Picture with Quin are so cute since both him and me are white!

I also tried Tina’s horse! He’s name is Laziano and is by Lambrusco Ask, and Aston! Really good Danish blood! He is so cute and a really nice good horse!

When we was finished riding we went straight for Starbucks!

All happy with our Frappochino

And some funny pics with the beautiful Ferrari GTO

Tina looked stunning with the JEM ONE SEEM black/pink

Haha! Me and Quin taking a Chill

In the evening me, ❤️Francois, Tina and Linn went to Montreux to eat in the evening! Really good!

A Norwegian moose in Montreux

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