Wednesday and Thursday SumUp

On Wednesday me and Tina took a day off, and so did the horses!

We went to Geneva! Look

At us! So excited about our meek! This place is just soooo good! had lunch at Laduree! when it came to choose a desert we were both stuck between two cakes, so we took both and split them in two

I had with me two outfits, one more elegant! Gucci shirt, dress and shoes

Tina also! One totally check, beautiful after luck a little bit more casual,

LOVE THAT JEANS VEST OVER THE DRESS! Makes it really cool together with the sneakers and the scarf! Did not get a snap at her with all her bags, but it was 🛍🛍🛍and even more casual for some speed shopping! Haha I know all the walking it will be when we start together! I was very much in doubts about the jeans vest.. I was like, hmmm is that cool? What will you use it with?? And she was like LOADS OF STUFF! And I agree, jeans vest really WORKSso I had also packed a back up outfit! A little unusual, but I thought it really worked! I had a dress and took one of the man Supreme Louis Vuitton hoodie! I have cut it a little on the side so I can use it like this, sneakers on to keep up with the Tina speed check also out my matching bracelet, we are talking serious monogram commitmentcut it a little to make the style work! Do you think it’s cool, me combining my more classic style with this, more comfy? Be honest! Her you see my scissors work

Went to the stables in the evening to check at the horses

Today I rode flat work with Ice Tea, we had build a course out of poles and i practiced that! I pretended it was Jumps and rode it like it was! I also rode dressage on him before and after he was a really good boy! We had some pictures taken yesterday to show off how the JEM L is as cool in the stables as in town! And that you can just change your shoes and go to town and feel confident with the JEM L! Here I ride Ice Tea wish the JEM Land here I am in town when the exactly same outfitTina also! The seems on the JEM L give a really nice figure and they are so comfy to wear, feels like jogging pants or night pants!

What the other horses did you probably saw on my story today!

Here is the link to the web shop


And here is such a crazy VLog I made a while ago! LOL!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday and Thursday SumUp”

  1. Hi Eva, thank you very much for send me the nice Breeches. I’m totally in love!! They fit perfectly. I ordered JEM L and you also sent me the JEM ONE SEEM. Thanks a lot! I’m sooo happy:-) Now i need some white ones. I will order soon… :-):-)

    I wish your a great Weeken! Have fun 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GREAT NEWS! Please use the #JEML🐴 and #JEMONESEEM🐴 so I can see it on instagram! Would love to feature you on the prohorseinternational on instagram! Make a great picture of you with your horse 😍🙏


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