Friday, mountain and riding

Haha! Had Tina with me up the cardio mountain today! And SHE DID REALLY WELL! Although she complain A LOT in the beginning! I was like, your doing great not far now!


But then when she suddenly realized that we were up, she was like, was not so bad!

Me on the top, next to the train station

I had some errands to run and Tina went to the stables to put some horses on the treadmill and walk Quin!

When I go there we had a MASSIVE AEQUIPMENT video spam on Instagram!

The Schou brothers Andreas and Christian has made their own equestrian gear! I have know the two ever since I lived in Danmak and always looked up to their riding of perfection! Their really top horses that are taken care of in the best possible way! And how friendly and helpful they are with everybody!

They have ridden EVERYTHING! Many championships and also Global Tour! Andreas has been nr 9 in the Europeans! AMAZING!

Not only do they have the equestrian collection ! They sell horses, they sell trucks and cars, and they have a lot of VERY VERY successful students! So if you are looking for a new TOP horse or a TOP trainer, does not matter where you live, they will welcome you in their team



So the equestrian collection did not disappoint! Every single detail for function and fashion was already thought of! And the fabric and material/ leather is PERFECT!!!!!

You can visit AEQUIPMENT here


I did also ride today! Started with Duc that got to ride with his new saddle girth and bandages from AEQUIPMENT since he has had a couple of days off, he was fresh so I rode him inside! He thinks riding inside is boring so he does not bother to try any tricks! He was nice and soft to ride!

Next was Ice Tea! Forest riding for him! And here’s my outfit:

JEM ridingbreeches in Navy. Hermès belt , pullover and scarf! Parlanti boots and Kep ITALIA helmet

Ice Tea did intervals today! He behaved toll so good! Not strong at all!

The other horses had just walking and I will ride them again tomorrow!

Nice Friday home with ❤️Francois

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