Monday and vet check!

Started the day with my cardio mountain! Woke up early and started to run

After that I went to the post and shipped some pants sold at the web shop! JIPPIII! Looking forward to everyone get their orders! Yes, stopped to get some petroleum and saw this new Ben n Jerry’s! Bought it, was sooooo good!

Went to the stables afterwords! Tina had already made Duc ready and me and him went out on some interval training! It has been raining tonight so the ground was soft again! Duc got really really sweat! We had so much fun together

Next was Picsou! And here’s my outfit! JEM ridingbreeches in Bordeaux, Louis Vuitton t-shirt, belt and bracelet, Kep Italia helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

I follow these ridingtights on facebook! They got like 205 K and get loads of likes and sales on their tights! So I thought I need to be more like them!

So this is me trying to be more cool like these girls! I think I have to practice a little more..

Picsou and me had dressage, focused a lot on him being active with the hinglegs and being soft in the hand! We had to do a lot faster shorter faster, like 8 forward 8 slow, and focus that he stays active behind and soft in the mouth when I take him back! Still need to do more of this though.. he got a new rug also! Look how cute he is!!

Then Daniel came and checked all the horses, all horses good to work! Even Alf’i! We can Powerwalk tomorrow and start riding! We will still control his temper every other day and blood values every two weeks!

After that me and Tina went to Starbucks to celebrate wearing Gucci dress, shoes, bag and Sunglasses

When we came back I rode Quin in the forest! He loves it, when he gets of the concrete! Haha always nervous about walking a certain part from the stables to the forest trail

I rode Ice Tea also in the forest! He was really super! Got to gallop A LOT! Happy though!

Alf’i got a new rug! Teddy got the same rug! Looking forward to ride him, although he will be.. WILD!

in the evening I tried the worst Pepsi ever!!!!! Don’t buy

5 thoughts on “Monday and vet check!”

  1. Jeg syns ikke du skal ændre designet på dine bukser, du kunne måske bare få lavet nogle med fuld grib, så. Vil du fange flere rytter grupper ikke kun springrytterne

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  2. Hi. I really don’t think you need to change your brand to be more like the commercial brands. One of the best things about your way of PR are that you are using «girl next door» models. And most of all, none of your models are photoshopped to get smaller waist, bigger butts, right lightening and so on. Your posts shows real riders in all bodyshapes, don’t change that please…
    And if I still had horses I would have bought a pair just for that fact.
    Keep hanging in

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