Wednesday and jumping

Me and ❤️Francois woke up at 06.30 to eat breakfast and go to the stables!

Fixed a little on the jumps, a bit cold in the morning so I was wearing this Monclear jacked I got for Christmas! Thank you!

Picsou was first horse to jump today! The exercises today was the gymnastic and a course! Actually the gymnastics was in the middle of the course this time!

Picsou jumped great and was listening to me very good today ❤️Francois was happy! Love when he comes to train me

Picsou! So cute and satisfied with the carrots Ice on all 4 legged and some carrots in the box

Next horse was Quin! We had a really good training today! Felt more like a team now! Went very good I must say

Here you can see my outfit! JEM ONE SEEM ridingbreeches in Navy blue, Chanel top and belt, Kep Italia helmet, and Parlanti Passion boots

Then 🐴Duc! Very hot today, so not such a long warm up! He has a lot of fur so he gets really sweat in this weather! He jumped AMAZING! So we only had to take the course one time! Ice Tea felt tired today already when we started to ride! So I took that in consideration for his training today! Not to much! Jumped a couple of jumps and worked him longer in dressage after

Teddy got new shoes and can start to ride on Friday!

Alf’i got a small exercising today! Good boy!

Me and ❤️Francois went home and head a really good steak and home made banana split

We went also to the gym in the evening! But light work today

I got this sweet message on instagram today

I also got a lot of good feedback on the Pro horse international instagram! Seems like the majority prefers that we keep it natural so no modes or photo shopped pics! So you can see the pants on everyday girls like me and our beautiful customers! Got these picture for a happy customers today


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