Sunday and organizing

Both me and ❤️Francois woke up at 07.00 today, we had to have breakfast early cause we was suppose to meet a Friend of ❤️Francois at a lunch place with one Michelin Star! So breakfast early so we would be hungry to 12.00

I went at 08.30 for a run in the rain, and was just ready to go to the stables when his friend called and canceled

Since it was no hurry anymore I staid home and organizes my closet! And just hung out!

❤️Francois took this picture of me! Wearing JEM ONE SEEM navy/blue, Burberry shirt, Chanel belt, Louis Vuitton shoes, and of course I have a bag to put some snacks in while I hang out on the roof

Stables, forest riding for Quin, Ice Tea and Picsou! Dressage for Duc, treadmill for Alf’i and Teddy!

Dirty pants after jump building , they clean so easy with a wet towel! Off course had some carrot hunt for them

Jumping tomorrow so build jumps

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