Wednesday on holiday🏖

Ooooh yeah! Sleep as long as we wanted! No nothing have to get up early to go jogging or riding!

Eating macrons in bed before breakfast, yeah, you name it!

When we finally decided to leave the bed we went down to eat breakfast I decided to take my new Classic Flap bag from Chanel made in plastic! It’s from the Printemps collection of Chanel 2018, and it’s by a miracle sold out! Why I said that, is because the price of the bag is near 3000 euro and it’s made of plastic!

My breakfast!

Went back to bed a hour before we went to the pool! ❤️Francois took some nice pictures of me and my new Hermès Kelly bag! Very proud of it since it’s not a bag that you can just go to the shop and buy! You have to be on a list and it can take from 6 months to up to years to get a Hermès Birkin or a Kelly! on the pictures I’m wearing a Hermès bikini, Hermès Twilly scarf and Christian Louboutin shoes!

The hotel had put out some bath animals and me as the kid I am played a lot with them! flowing together with the both🏖🦄

In the afternoon we went to town! Took the boat to the other side of the lake

My outfit Elisabetta Franchi dress, Chanel Sunglasses, Christian Louboutin shoes, Hermès Kelly bag and bracelet!

Also wearing like every day my love bracelets from Cartier! They have a special meaning and art screwed on! You can buy, see and read about them here http://www.cartier.fr/fr/collections/joaillerie/collections/love/bracelets-love.html

❤️Francois needed some new clothes so we went to Bongenie for a tailor appointment

❤️Francois was happy with the service, and they seemed very professional! The first pair of pants will be ready on Friday! We enjoyed a day in Geneva!

In the evening we went to Patara to eattop food, so incredibly good! We had the tasting menu and I eat way to much 😂

The view from our room

2 thoughts on “Wednesday on holiday🏖”

  1. Omg!!! ELSKER kjolen på det første bildet, så utrolig vakker du er der. Håper dere har det fantastisk, og gratulerer med dagen som var. Jeg fikk ikke sagt det i går 🙂

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