Sunday/Monday/Tuesday 💑

Sunday in St Gallen!

Was at the hotel gym on hour in the morning! They had that stair machine! Wow! LOVED IT! Got really high pulse and had so much fun on it! Wish that our gym had this one!

After that I meet up with ❤️Francois at the CSIO St Gallen! Also went to Inequien and meet one of my awesome followers a lovely girl who lives in this area! She tried the JEM and JEM L! And bought a pair

CSIO ST GALLEN was super! Great weather! “Lilla gubben” was also there

Love it! From my childhood hero Pippi!

Childhood hero, STILL MY HERO!

The nations cup was exciting!

France was clear ALL THE WAY!!! One of my fav horses! Pret a Tout

We got some great seats and could happily cheer the Swiss in to a second place! WOW! Great jumping!


started in the stables with Helle! Jumping with Alf’i and Ice Tea! Only second time jumping with Alf after the lung inflammation! He feels quite good! Or he feels good, but I still take it easy with him! Not to much! Many times you jump more at a training than at the show, the training is often harder when a longer warm up and more jumping! Did not want his lungs to work to hard, so did not over due the warm up!❤️Francois my Love was there to coach me! He was happy with us Ice Tea jumped also! He was also good! A little bit heavy today! But did his best as always you can see he was sweating a lot! It was so hot when it was his turn to jump! So I am very happy for the effort he put in! What a good boy!

Picsou had first a short ride in the forest then some dressage

Duc had dressage also! A lot of collected canter ! Best pictures of me and Duc today! Hahaha! I’m wearing JEM in Navy, with my new Chanel belt from my birthday, Veredus team clothes, Kep ITALIA Helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Quin and me went in the forest

When I went to take groceries I meet one of my followers! Really cool! I was not expecting someone to come up to me and talk, so I was like “jumped backwards” when I was approached, but then we started to talk and I was very happy to meet her! And very glad that she was brave enough coming to say hi, when I was looking at cabins very dirty after the stables


Up early cause we had so much to do! Started with forest riding with Picsou! And here’s my outfit! JEM Navy, and my new Kenzo t-shirt that I got for my birthday! Hermès belt, Kep ITALIA and Parlanti Passion It had been raining last night so we could gallop safely in the woods! Not so hard today! Picsou behaves perfect! Trained on having him active in a quite short canter

next was Quin! Forest for him also! Really deep shape! He was very relaxed

Duc and me had a little live stream! Duc was the horse that had the hardest training today!

Ice Tea also galloped a lot, but in a really slow relaxed canter! Just to school him! He was so super! Very soft and nice to ride

Alf’i was a bit shocked to be out again! Saw the 4 legged shark everywhere and wanted to go home one time! But when I convinced him he had fun also

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