Thursday and flatwork

My outfit, JEM ridingbreeches in Navy, and the Chanel belt and Tank top that I got for my birthday!

Went to eat breakfast and headed for the stables

I rode Alf’i first! It was a lot of 4 legged sharks in the paddock today, but I got him to relax in the end! i rode with a half Pessoa with a metal straight mouthpiece and room for the thong. With this bit he is less spooky but does not jump as good as he does with the same bit but have the plastic mouth pice! Did not jump today. But I think I will show him tomorrow with this bit, and if he is really calm maybe I take the plastic one on Saturday

Next was Picsou! Dressage for him also He was super! Worked on getting him to be active and still soft and easy in the hand! Sometimes he wants to shake his head and pull me so I takes the attention away from me getting him to work in the proper way! Focuses on being strong in my core and sitting up and it went very good then Quin! Dressage to get him to be straight in his body! Always want to go with his left hind legs inside the track! Went good today!After this it was feeding time for the horses and me, Helle and Elsa went to the pool to relax and eat some ice cream

Back to the stables for vet check and riding Ice Tea and Ducbest picture of me and Duc😂 he works super though

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