Friday and the show has started

Day started early for me, morning riding with Alf’i! Hahaha, it was me and two other guys riding and one longing. The horse that was longing was wild so everybody got wild! Imagine, the riders that was up that early had a good reason to get out of bed that early, and that reason was called a wild horse. And when 4 of them decides to act out it was a bit 😂 but all came down and relaxed. So all good!

Back to the hotel for breakfast, cause it start firs at 07.30.

Back to the show again to jump a double clear with Duc in 135 and get 6. Place!

Then Alf’i in 130, he did not touch a fence! Incredible! Picture from 1* last week

Then Quin and Picsou in the GP qualifier. We decided not to jump Picsou cause he did not feel 100% good. Picture of Picsou from last week

But Quin and I had a good round with one down.

Picture from last week, today he was wearing his new hat from JS Horse Mades, you can buy it via Facebook and Instagram! TOP QUALITY! TOP PRICE

Ice Tea has walking and some longing!

In the evening I went to town to eat out! Omg, so much eating out, really love to be here but looking forward to come home to my routines and healthy eating again!

Really have to say that the girls are doing a amazing job! Working super and always happy and positive! And that’s so nice to be around! I like so much that they are able to keep a good system and also that everything is in order! They always check the water without me having to ask, and just that is a given thing you should do if groom is your job, but it often happens that people forget about it or are tired and feed up with carrying 1 million water buckets a day!

Btw, glitter shoes are in everywhere, look did not buy them, but had to take a picture to share with you! Bed now! Good night

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