Thursday 🐴🦄riding and 🏖pool time in 🇮🇹

Got up, breakfast outside and straight to the stables!

Started with Picsou today! This is my outfit! JEM in Bordeaux, and Chanel🎀

Really light work for Picsou today! A lot of walk and Trott! Not hard, just going trough the basic! He was super

Next was Quin Exactly the same work as Picsou! No gallop, he was a little more stiff than Picsou so he had to work a little longer! Making him straight specially on the left where he wants to put his hindlegs inside the line!

Then Alf’i! He had hard work! Since Alf is a little a wake all the time it’s best for him to be a bit tired before he’s going to compete! So we did loads of dressage, and extend the gates, collect the gates!

Last to ride was Duc! He also had a lift day! The older horses like him can sometimes think it’s boring to run around in the same place everyday, and Duc gets more motivated if he does different kind of trainings! Since it’s not possible to take him Quin and Picsou for a forest ride here! They had a easy day with just loads of carrot eating and light work! So they will be extra motivated to go up to the ring tomorrow

After ridding we feed the horses lunch and went to the pool!

I had my Missoni on, such a beautiful summer/pool dress

And my another bikini from Cleo San Remo



Hanging out together

In the evening I went with some friends to eat at the FAB restaurant of the hotel!

Eating outside, top food and temperature

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