Haha, so a weeks sum up is coming your way!

SUNDAY, last week me and Quin was one of 6 clears in the GP in San Remo! YES amazing day!

Not only that but Duc that basically had been clear and placed for two weeks straight picked up a 10 place in 135!

Also jumped great in 135 also, but I got a fly in my eye and had to stop a little to get it out!

We packed the truck, slept some hours before we headed back home to Suisse❤️

Monday, not much, arrived home❤️ packed out, our vet came to check the horses!

TUESDAY – I had to go to Geneva in the morning, when I was back I hand walked the horsesoutfit from Gucci, skirt, blouse and shoes. Bag- Hermès

Wednesday- Helle went with Teddy and Quin to the blacksmith in Dalchenhof and I ride at home, took care of the horses and hand walked them!

Thursday, rode at home in the morning and hand walked again! Outfit: JEM L ridingbreeches , Louis Vuitton shirt and belt ! The horses get a week of fun after two weeks of show, so out for long walks ang grass eating and nice rides in the forest!

Friday- after my cardio I had to go to Geneva for some meetings! Also, the private sale of Chanel was the same day and I was of course invited what I got summer dress and bikini

After that it was riding! Alf’i had some forest riding today also! But before I went out we took some pictures of this amazing JEM ridingbreeches in YELLOW! It’s so cool to use in summer! Matching with a Hermès belt and a Ralph Lauren top! Yes, and the converse glitter shoes that gave me blisters in Italy! I was wearing them at that time without socks.. was just gonna go to the pool, but got in the mood for some Gelato/ Ice Cream and walked like 1KM to my face ice cream shop. And after that it was done

Back to Thursday, Ice Tea got some dressage cause he was to fresh to be a safe forest riding pony! beutiful picture of Helle and Alf’i

Saturday and Protein for breakfast followed by a one hour run. Was so tired, seriously, wanted to lay down not even half way on my first lap (have a round I take like 2-3 times) but I did it anyway! YEAH! GIRL POWER

After that stables, first Alf’i! Forest again! He is a bit spooky so it’s so good for him to ride in the forest! When I got him he was so scared just to Trott in the forest after Duc, now he is brave and can go alone! When I ride a lot in the forest he gets so confident that he deers to buck and run fast! He had a little bit of interval today, still careful with him after the lung inflammation Helle and Quin on their way to eat grass next was Picsou and here’s my outfit!

JEM ridingbreeches in Navy, Tommy Hilfiger top, Gucci belt, Kep ITALIA Helmet and Parlanti Passion boots Picsou was fresh, so riding in the big pad! Not forest riding before the buck machine is calm! He was good though! Not to Wild!

Ice Tea has some dressage before he got to go in the forest! Had to check that he was a good boy! And he was I even took Jill for a walk! Hahaha, a 20 min walk and she was good to go home! Good girl

After this me and ❤️Francois went to the pool

Can’t decide what pants is best with this top! The one on the pictures with ❤️Francois or the one with the blue flowers here: you guys know I LOVE all fashion things, would be very happy to get some comments about the pants, first picture taken in the sun during the day, second more evening sun! Little bit more orange me😂

Now me and ❤️Francois my BIG LOVE are out on a date and I will finish with my phone for the evening and focus on us in the now💑❤️

Look we are matching! Gucci dress, shoes, Fendi bag

3 thoughts on “BLOG LONG OVERDUE”

  1. Hei! Den blomstrete er finest synes jeg, men jeg har zero fashionsense så ikke stol på meg 🙂
    Jeg prøvde å sende deg en dm på insta men fikk det ikke til. Jeg Lurer på om du har tips om hvordan skaffe seg sponsorer. Det gjelder min søster. Hun har kun en hest, men de starter 150, har i år kvalifisert til falsterbo horse show, og svenske mesterskapen. Min søster har en kronisk sykdom, og jobber på matbutikk. Litt sponsing ville endret mulighetene for henne fullstendig. Men hvordan?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tusen takk for kommentaren!
      Jeg ville bare sendt en Email til di du ønsker å bli sponset av! Forklar situasjonen og si va du kan gjøre for å reklamere for dem!
      Og GRATULERE til søsteren din! Bare og kvalifisere seg til Falsterbo er en vinst i seg selv 🙌💖⭐️


  2. Takk for svar! Så det er ikke “masete” eller frekt å sende mail? Vi har liksom ventet på at butikker skal spørre, men det sker aldri. Og så ser en rytter etter rytter på vesentlig lavere nivå med store sponsorer i ryggen. Men takk for tipset, vi skal samle mot og spørre.


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