Long sleep for me today and no morning cardio. My allergies is acting up so I feel a bit sneezy!

So after sleeping to 09.00 I had a long breakfast with my 👑KING❤️Francois and went to the stables!

Started with forest riding with Alf’i! My outfit, JEM ridingbreeches in Black, 165 euro ca 10 euro shipping world wide! Hermès top and belt, Parlanti boots and Kep helmet to shape the pants click here PRO HORSE INTERNATIONALI cut the buttons off the back to get a different look! Haha! Make it your own! Maybe cut the buttons off and sew on some heart buttons or some love patches! Haha! Do what you want!

So Alf’i was a good boy today, did not see the 4 legged shark to much! Haha, when he relaxes and I want to give him a bit more long reins to take his head down he suddenly do a 180 and spooks, so I give him the reins but stay up and back with my body to still hopefully be in the saddle in those situations!

Next was Picsou! Had to ride a little in the small paddock before the big pad was ready! They were driving the tractor there! Another day of Picsou being a perfect pony, so he will get forest riding tomorrow!

Ice Tea has first riding too! Mostly slow canter, was top! Picture in our way home when I’m getting ready to release the bridel so he can eat grass! got a hair cut when he got back! me and Helle cleans up a little in the lockers These two bridles are some of my favorite, the one of the left is stubben with Yellow seems, got it for my first horse Mason! Had a black one with Yellow seems from my pony Jolly jumper! So I got this bride when I was around 15/16 years old!

The one on the right is a Herve Godinon, got it for Christmas the year I was 18! It was a big deal to own this bridel, and it was only used on special trainings and on shows!

Would like to write more about the rest of the guys 🐴🦄, but my allergy has knocked me out! Need sleep!

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