Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday sum up

Started my day Tuesday with the cardio mountain! So good to have had it done!

Afterwords I went to ride! Picsou first again! Here’s my outfit :


Seriously love the Pro Horse logo colored like this on the navy blue pants

Rode in the forest with most of the guys, but had dressage with Ice Tea

And flatwork with Alf’i

In the afternoon me, ❤️Francois and Helle relaxed at home

Went to the gym in the evening

Tuesday was all day in Belgium, something regarding Jill high heels in the bag, sneakers on the plane Antwerpen Central station!

Starbucks at the airport, that’s my name? while having no netflix writing everything I have to remember in my calendar

Wednesday Picsou first! He’s cute face! Give me carrots and cuddles please

I think I rode in the forest again also wish Alf’i

Ice Tea and Duc had dressage

On Thursday all the horses had dressage in the morning in the big paddock! Had to go to Geneva in the afternoon! Ps you can call me Pink Lady

haha! Got a new dress and shoes so my old pink dress went off and this went on

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