Friday, Saturday and Sunday- MONTREUX JAZZ FEATIVAL IS ON

Friday, the stabels started to prepare for the big track competition this weekend, so the paddock was under construction! So more forest riding! The horses are really happy about that Wearing JEM in Black from Pro Horse International, you can buy them here! Free shipping for the moment


Also a Louis Vuitton top and belt, Kep ITALIA helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Alf’i was a little bit spooky today, but relaxed in the end! I try to go many places with them, and walk here and there! So they see new things every day! As much as possible While me and Alf’i was waking Helle meet us with Duc! We changed the horses and she walked Alf’i back to the stable and I went out with Duc

Ice Tea tried some track! He was awesome after that we went to the pooland then the Montreux Jazz Festival

Saturday, slept long and had a nice breakfast rode inside with Picsou because of the track competition! Also with Alf!

Went out with Ice Tea and Helle rode Duc while I jogged next to them


Got up at like 05.30, had to deliver ridingbreeches to a shop, and since I already was down from out mountain Villars, I decided to run/walk up to Leysin and take the train down! Love this house on the top went home and made breakfast! And me and ❤️Francois went to the stables! Most forest riding today also, cause the big paddock occupied from the trac show! but it’s okey! Some periods my horses has to train a lot of flat work and dressage! So it’s nice for them to have periods with mostly forest riding! I can train dressage in the forest also😉when the riding was finished we went to the pool with Helle! and then the 3 of us went to the Montreux Jazz Festival HOLY COW LOVE HIM

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