Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Monday was time for jumping again! First time since the show in San Remo

Alf’i was first! And he was top! Totally relaxed and jumped amazing

Then Picsou! He is still a little over wight so jumping in the heat is a bit hard for him, and not good for his legs to have a couple of extra kg.. but he’s working on slimming a little bit! First round he felt heavy, second round perfect! Duc was HOT HOT HOT! Haha! During the warm up he was so calm, and when he knew he was going to jump the course he went in hot mode! But still perfect ❤️Francois was there to train me! Here is he with Ice TeaIce Tea also jumped good! Have to practice a little and keep him 100% straight! But all over he was good! No control problems today!


Went by with hand walking and light work for the horses that jumped! Daniel our vet came, teddy had very different hoofs and he has had some time off to try to solve the position of he’s hoof and how he stands on his legs! If a horse goes like that to long it can be very dangerous for his health!

But now with two times special shoes we are allowed to gently resume training


Cardio in the morning and then to the horses!

Started with some speed training with Picsou, meaning galloping quite fast and short in the woods! Was good!

Then FINALLY Teddy! WEARING JEM in Navy! And CHANEL You can order JEM ridingbreeches from Pro Horse International


we have currently free shipping Teddy behaved very well today! Maybe it was the heat, no clue! But he was a good boy and after a little holiday I was expecting catapult Teddy

Next was forest riding with Alf’i that pretty much sums up the day! Hahahaha

Dressage and flatwork with Duc! He really got a good work out today and got very sweat! Very good boy!

Worked a lot on strengthening the canter! If the horse does not want to collect easy for the hand, you can use a small circle to slow down the speed and collect him while you still keep him active!

Ice tea had already had a turning session in the woods with Helle in the morning! So when I was going to do some light dressage I was expecting Ice Tea tired, and heavy! But HE WAS PERFECT! Well done Helle! He worked wonderful!!!!!!!!! Very light in the mouth After that me and ❤️Francois went to the pool, bikini of the day Love The oneshoulder thing

And after that to the Montreux Jazz Festival!

We went to listen to some music in the park, me and my 👑King❤️ we also had a lovely dinner at one of the big hotels that are close to the lake Look how happy we are together! And it’s truly like this! We are one those couples who call each other up in the middle of the day, just to check in, tell each other that I love you, share something funny! And if the other person doesn’t take the phone it’s panic! Omg! Something happened! And when we get each other on the phone it’s like I’m SOOO HAPPY to hear your voice

In the beginning of our relationship we had a lot of unnecessary fights. Manly because we let other people opinions about us come between us instead of actually communicating with each other! So that’s a tip from us to you! Talk to each other! And remember not everyone wants the best for you and your partner! Ask yourself what do you want? Is it more important to be right or is harmony with the one you love priority nr1? I know it is for me! Look at him 😍 could a girl be more lucky


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