Saturday at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Me and Helle started early this Saturday morning cause we ware going with ❤️Francois to Montreux Jazz boat, it’s the name, but we had tickets for a Salsa boat!

I was wearing in the stables JEM ONE SEEM, that is on sale right now, go to

http://www.prohorseinternational.com sales end on Thursday , a Versace t-shirt and Hermès belt! As always Parlanti Passion boots! And Kep helmetI rode dressage on the horses and Helle went out with Duc! With Picsou and Ice Tea I made sure to gallop a lot, make sure that they both pushed with the hindlegs so much that I could feel their hindlegs in my fingertips! Really must make sure then that Picsou stays with his neck forward and down and is easy in the mouth. He tends to shake his head to avoid perfect work.

And with Ice Tea I must all the time balance him up, make sure he is balanced in his active hindlegs, and not just pushing forward speed with them. Also must stay light in the hand.

The a quick shower and off to Montreux!

My outfit, Missoni dress, Chanel bag, shoes earrings and braceletHelle looked gorgeous We walked around a little before we could enter the boat ! Me and my 👑King👑 ❤️Francois

They play Salsa on two floors and it’s a lot of ambiance and so much fun! Of course ❤️Francois took the time to dance with me

And with Helle also

We had a lot of fun! And the music was great After that we went to get Holy Cow hamburgers, listen to music in the park

Was ❤️Home very very late! But had a great night

2 thoughts on “Saturday at the Montreux Jazz Festival”

  1. Hei! Den regbuekjolen gjør meg glad 🙂
    Lurer litt på hva du syns om din Meyer-sal. Hvordan er den å ri i, sammenlignet med butet? Jeg har en gammel Bruno Delgrange som jeg elsker, men som jeg er nødt til å inse ikke ligger optimalt på min hest lenger. Jeg skal selge å prøve å få tak i noe nytt så jeg driver og leser meg opp på forskjellige merker 🙂

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    1. Meyer er veldig bra for Alfi for han er veldig følsom og må ha en sal som ligger perfekt og gir han full frihet på skuldre og ryggrad, det fjør Meyer! Men siden jeg bare bruker den på han er den fortsatt veldig stiv.. Butet er mere, hm gir med en close til hesten følelseog jeg elsker mine! Men Alfi fikk ont i ryggen av mine Butet saler, og Meyer har veldig bra rykte for å lage saler til slike hester! Duc er også følsom i ryggen og har sin egen Butet og fungere top med den


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