Thursday and Friday

Loads of rain! But it was good, the ground needed it!

I did as usual, my cardio and rode the horses! On Thursday the weather was okey enough so I could do some flatwork with poles outside!

Trained on being in perfect balance no matter if I rode 4 strides between two poles or 8 strides! Very good training! You can also pretend that you are jumping while you do the poles! I did a whole course with poles!

All horses was good! my outfit! JEM ridingbreeches in light blue, Gucci t-shirt and belt, Parlanti Passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet! Jeans jacket from HM love it! Saw it in the window last year as I was getting groceries and like, WOW! I need that one

Helle left for Belgium to do a CT scan of Quin

Doc waiting for me to change his ice

Friday was so much rain, rode all horses light dressage inside! Since the rain was so bad the inside school was busy! So mostly just moved the horses a little filed water and finished washing some boots that me and Helle sort of teamed up doing

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