Monday – THE BARBIE🙋‍♀️and Stacie💁🏽‍♀️

Hahahahaaa! We had a huge summer sale on


So I wanted to make something really funny to attract some attention! What can be better than being dressed up like a Barbie all day! And since Helle has brown hair we are the perfect Barbie and Stacie we still worked as normal, even though we ware wearing out Barbie Unitards! Jumping today also, sometimes it’s good to jump two days in a row, because you do that at shows and it’s important for the horses to be fit for that! Today we manly focused on the gymnastic line!

Alf’i was super! If I’m being picky he could still be stronger in the line! But the line is all about strength, and the more he jumps it the stronger he gets! Alf’i backs of the jumps perfect, jumps with air, it very smart with his jumping , all the scoop and very careful with a perfect style! So I’m not complaining!

The next one was Picsou! He still a bit overweight and thinks jumping the line is hard hard hard, so many efforts at the same time! But it’s really good for him! So when I let him jump a normal double oxer two strides vertical, 3 strides vertical he was really flying

Filming some for Veredus also today, that’s why I wear the black Veredus t-shirt!

Duc and Ice Tea also jumped! Many times the line! It makes the both of them quite hot, but is a very good exercise for them! Yesterday we jumped it on the right and today on the left!

Ice Tea is really working on his physical condition! So after jumping Helle took him for a forest ride while I rode dressage on teddy

After that, Barbie and Stacie went to the post to ship some orders to Starbucks haha! So funny when we walk around like this people are like WTF😂😂😂😂 are they for real haha! Then the pool! Was very impressed by Malibu Stacie’s skills

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