Saturday and Montreux Jazz Festival

Day started as a normal Saturday at home! Stayed long time together in bed and had protein pancakes for breakfast!

Then riding! Got a little time to ride a little outside but then a crazy rain came and I continued inside! Jumping is on the plan for tomorrow so did exercises to prepare that! Making the horses loose and making sure they react easy back and forward in the rhythm!

❤️Francois had been at the pool and we went together to Montreux!

My outfit! Givenchy skirt, Vintage top, Dior bag and strap, custom made Louboutin shoes! No chance to walk around there with a thin heel, so these shoes was the perfect choice! was going for a classy but sporty look! I think this top can be slutty if it’s dressed up with really high heels and short skirts! But with this combination it just looks so coolMe and my 👑King It was raining a lot in Bex but the rain had not reached Montreux at this timeWe has a really good dinner and went out for drinks afterManage to get a crepe with Chocolate banana before it broke out in crazy rain! And we went home! All in all a great night with my BIG LOVE ❤️Francois

1 thought on “Saturday and Montreux Jazz Festival”

  1. Loooove reading your updates!!! Sure you’ll do great in your next show, nice seeing how sweet and kind you are with all the horses!
    By the way, I just ordered a pair of jeml and can’t wait to have them with me! Keep going! Your doing a great job!!


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