Update from Italy

Hi guys! So if you have been watching my insta story you know we are in Italy!

We arrived Wednesday afternoon and started to show on Friday!

Picsou, Teddy, Alf’i and Duc is here! Duc is not showing cause he did 3 classes every week at the last show, and we know each other in side out, so we are saving him for next show! He is here for some dressage thorough! Ice Tea was suppose to go, but had a nail in the wrong part of his hoof on Monday, so he had to cancel his trip in the last moment!

Alf’i rides in the morning if his class is in the afternoon! Not because he is stiff, more because he needs to move and relax!

Friday all horses was clear! And today I had one down with Alf’i in the small GP! Very happy with the round anyway!

Duc and me posing with Pro Horse International JEM ridingbreeches in white

Teddy’lino posing in his black pink Veredus set!

What was a lot of fun was that some of my followers came to me and said hello! We took pictures together and I wanted them to tag themselves in the photo so I could visit their profile and give them some likes on Instagram!

But their tags did not work? WHYYYYY!!!!

Anyway! Here I am, very sweaty.. together with some very sweet girls! One of them told me that Ice Tea and Teddy was here favorite horse of mine! They asked me also who was my favorite! One girl said she likes Duc best! What is not to like about him! Haha, he can ride without bridle, he always does his best at shows, he can be clipped everywhere without drugs, he is perfect to ride in the forest and always happy and friendly and want cuddles!

But I have to say that all our horses are super sweet and cuddly!

Alf’i jumping great and we are doing very well together

Teddy to!

Picsou after a good round teddy has a bow in his tail cause he does not like other horses galloping up in it.. having a moment with Helle that is DOINF A AMAZING JOBFEEDING HELLE WITH ICE CREAMand myself

Snap chatting, and been jumping today in this shirt! Apparently all white shirts are okey!

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