Such a long sum up again

So Sunday last week! Had a great day at the show and 140 with Alf’i and Picsou and me and Teddy did our debut in 125!

On Monday me and Helle walked all the horses, and I rode Picsou and Duc! I took advantage of the big paddock/arena and did a lot of changing the rhythm from a very big gallop to a collected one! Both horses was very good!

After that! Me and Helle went to the beach! Had ice cream first though we got two sun beds, did some swimming love this little ice cream bikini! Haha!

Also eat there, on the beach! A really good piadina with french fries

When we was going to clean the sand of our feet the sand cleaner was off.. but we had a different idea and this is it went for take one more ice cream when this wonderful girl came up to me! She follows me in Instagram. I feel blessed to be able to know you and to have you guys in my life!

Back to the stables and walk the horses!

On Tuesday we got up early and I rode all the horses! Worked them in dressage! Or Alf’i, haha, I let him run full speed with me on Lose reins around the arena! Felt he needed it!

Duc had dressage, a lot of side movements, and really loosen him up for yesterday’s training with loads of gallop!

Teddy and me, worked a lot on the quality of the right canter! Getting better every day! And yeah, I’m wearing Pro Horse International JEM L ridingbreeches and a Gucci t-shirt + belt, Kep helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Picsou and me! He was not sure if he wanted to ride today? But when he remember that the carrots lives inside the arena he went in and make a good effort on today’s trainingin the car and on my way home to my kind ❤️François

On Wednesday we did not do a lot! I was in the stables taking care of Jill, Ice Tea and Quin! In the evening we went out since is was the National day of Switzerland

Thursday! Shopping in Geneva! I was wearing my new Roberto Cavalier dress and Dior shoes

Got some new stuff, a Versace dress and cardigan, a new Louis Vuitton bag, and a sweater/jacket, also this Dolce Gabbana bikini Friday early morning i headed back to Italy! Staid by the pool when I arrived and rode in the evening!

Picsou was first! JEM ridingbreeches in Black, Versace top and Chanel belt we practiced to ride different strides between some poles, on 23 m I rode 9 8 7 6 and 5 Picsou was top! But 9 was hard for him!

Next was Alf’i! I thought he would be bananas after two days off! But he was actually top behaved! We had the same training as with Picsou! He was also super! Had to focus on keeping his neck out when I collect him

Then Duc, same training! He was super to! Did not do so much with them because Helle rode him hard yesterday! last was Teddy! And he was fresh! After teddy I went back to the hotel, and had a long and good night sleep!

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