Tuesday and trip to Ancona

Manage to only eat 3 croissants today, and headed to the stables!

Helle and me made some pictures of the JEM and JEM L riding breeches before the ridingboots got on!

I’m freaking out how gorgeous she looks in the JEM L! She is wearing size M! It’s outfit goals ! Love the Ralph Lauren t with these breeches

Here’s me wearing size XS from last week. As you can see size XS is lower on the waist. We have totally different body but I think we both look good in them! She looks 100% great! They cost 125 euro and we have for the moment free world wide shipping


But today I was wearing JEM in Navy! They cost 165 euro, you can find it on the same link! I’m wearing my LV summer trunk sneakers, belt and bag

I rode Alf’i first today! We did 3 poles on the ground and rode 4+4, 3+3, 5+5, 4+5 , 5+3 and 3+4 also 4+3 strides! He wa super

Next was Duc! We did the same training, but it’s more of a effort for him and me to do the 5 strides! That said, he makes the effort and does it on the first try!

Picsou on the other hand was more in to 3 + 3 all the time! So we had to train a long time! I have to activate his canter but make sure he stays light in front and that he keeps the suspension just right!

I compare it with marking it warm in your bourse with a fire place. If you make a huge fire and have the door completely closed it gets to hot. But if you open the door completely all the warm air goes out, so you have to have the perfect balance, between the fire that you make (your leg and the horse activity with his hindlegs) and the suspension you create by putting the door in perfect position/holding it together with your hand!

Last to ride was Teddy! And he made it easy, very easy 5, had to work more on staying in balance on the 3, when he wanted to run more! But all in all very happy with him

after riding we went site seen in Ancona

And had a great dinner at a American place

Me talking to Instagram, I feel I have been really good on my blog activity now! And I would like to know how you feel about it!

I used to read Tyra’s blog every evening, while I waited for ❤️Francois to come to bed. When she did not blog one day I genuinely missed it. So I was happy when a new post come! I know you have left me nice comment about being happy with my blog! But it would be a lot more fun for me if you would share it on Facebook. Talk about it and make comment and maybe even a discussion here

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