Wednesday and Thursday

On Wednesday I sleep a little longer and was not in the stables before 10.30, Duc was sleeping when I arrived

Started with Alf’i! Must say he was very good! Relaxed from start to end! Happy with the training! Putting a lot of focus on making him looong! Nose out and forward !

Outfit: JEM ridingbreeches in Black, Gucci t-shirt and belt, Kep helmet and Parlanti passion boot!

Took Teddy after! He was also too today! The quality of the canter is getting better and better! He also made 90% good canter changes today!

I helped out Helle on the vet check! I took Picsou and Duc, both were good!! We had to wait a while, but the cue was quiet, horses behaving good!I rode Duc in the evening! He had a hard work out today! Loads of gallop both forward and collected! It’s important to sometimes keep working even if it’s going good! So keep working on the good feeling just to get stronger in the body!

I also walked Picsou for 40 min, I did not ride him today! He can get a little feed up if he needs to go in the paddock everyday! So to have a day just walking makes him super motivated for tomorrow

went for a evening run and then bed!

Thursday! Teddy was first out with a clear round in 120Just after Teddy I had to run to walk the course for Picsou and Alf while Helle quickly made Picsou ready!

Picsou and me had a clear round and got a ribbon in the GP qualifier Alf’i and me jumped the same class! Rest round with one unlucky pole

I got my new Kep helmet from Selleria Sandri

Had some pool time in the afternoon! Check out this dress, it was not able to stay up on its own. So I simply platted a band like this and sew it on! I think it looks cool, so here’s a idea if you have a similar problem with a dress or a top and want a cool and different solution onHaha! This bikini is a child’s bikini, I have cut the pants to fit like this myself cause I really like the colors

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