Friday and Saturday

Day started with 135, me and Duc!

When I walked the course it was a line from a vertical to a oxer vertical combination, I walked it like I would ride 7, and I was pretty much set on 7 strides. Just asked the coursebuilder and he said if you have the good control make 8! And I have on Duc! So I thought a steady 8. I watched the man before me and he did 8 totally normal on a quite big horse, so I thought okey, I land, keep the rhythm and the balance up a little. And so I did. But I came to close, should have landed, collected and then kept the rhythm. So sometimes you should trust your intuition. My inner voice knows me and the horse, I ignored it, and I had a pole! So trust your intuition!

I have to say that I’m happy with Duc anyway! He was great! He is such a sweet horse!

Next was Teddy in 125, we was clear in the first round and one down in the jumpoff! I am really happy with the round! Must be best round for us so far! Even if we have been clear before! Today I felt that I rode him well and that he jumped super! We had a very good communication, and that’s so important for me! That me and him work together, almost to me one! Before it was always him and the me. Not a us.

Then some dressage with Alf’i! I find that he is 100% more relaxed in the ring when he has done a work out before his class! He was first very relaxed, and then it was price giving for a class and they played high music and it made him a little anxious. I said calm, and we could finish up in a good way

I also rode Dressage on Picsou today! Because he does not have a class today! So it’s chill for him! But I wanted to ride him anyway and give him a light work out! He felt really good! Everyone was eating lunch so we had the big warm up to ourself and could ride down the middle line and focus on being straight and equally active with both hindlegs! Happy with him, and he was happy to get his bridle open and eating carrots

My friend Thelma are next to us in the stables! And she got a ribbon today with her horse Pickles! So I decided to highjack her photo and pretend that me and Pickles won it! Haha so funny! And I am really happy for her! Totally awesome!

Before the big class is send out some support! It’s much more fun if you are happy for each other and wish each other the best

so I jumped the ranking class 145 with Alf’i and she with Suleika! It was the second time for me and Alf 145! And it went very good! I had two down, he was perfect! Very good and I am happy! T and S had one down and a great great round!

Saturday! Got up really early and jogged to the stables and morning rode Alf’i! important for me to get him low and make him looong! Relaxed! He was super!

Jogged back had breakfast and went to the stables again! First class was with Alf’i, the mini GP! Top round, all fences staid up, but Alf’i stumbled right before the last fence so I pulled away in the last moment! Took a circle and came again and he jumped it clear! I was a bit disappointed cause we were clear, but safety for the both of us first. All I can do is to think positive

Went walking with Picsou, feed the horses, and had some lunch by the pool! Hermès bikini

Back to the stables and time for me and Duc to jump 135! Got 11 place! Happy! He was also wearing his new gold Veredus saddle pad and hat

Dressage on Teddy after! Focused a lot on the quality of the gallop! Making sure that the balance is on point at the same time as he is pushing with the hindlegs

Went out to eat with Thelma in my ridingpants,

So sleepy now l! Going to shower

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