Sunday GP Time, and boat day Monday

Got up at 05.30 and jogged to the stables to morning ride Picsou! And then back to the hotel and have a quick breakfast07.30, before I took the car back to the show!

Duc 135 class started at 08.30! We had a super clear round and got 8.place!

The GP started at 10.30 and me and Picsou was nr 24! It was a quite technical course and we did our best efforts both of us! We made it clear a long way! Had a foot on the white line after the water, and the two last down.

I have only jumped Picsou two classes in San Remo, one class on the national show, and one class this show before the GP! So my brain was telling me you and Picsou need more rounds! You are not in sync yet. But my intuition told me, trust him and don’t over use him!

So I watched loads of films on how I rode him before! And tried to get that feeling and do the same!

Also, I jumped him in the class on Thursday, had light flat work on Friday, JUST HAND WALKING ON SATURDAY – to be motivated, he can be a bit bored if he have to train in the ring every day! Morning riding Sunday and then GP! So minimal training before, just tried to stick to the old system that used to work!

So! – It went quite well! After 16 efforts around the course to the two last once perhaps he was a little tired, perhaps I did not rode optimal! Anyway! We did our best! It was a lot of faults in the class and you were placed with 5 point. We ended up in the middle of the results

The CSI* GP started at 13.00 and I rode Teddy! We were clear on jumps, and had a good solid round with one time fault!

I have to say I was happy with the round! Must be our best round ever together

In the evening we went out for dinner! Helle did not come, she was tired from getting up before the rooster every morning

Monday! Chill day for me! Slept to 09.30 and had a BIG breakfast! Then some pool chill before I picked up Helle who also had a sleepy morning today! One of our friends had feed the horses so she could get a later morning! She had mucked out, walked thehorses and had them in paddock when I picked her up! We feed luck together and then we went on a BOAT TRIP

We were joking and singing so much the other people must have though we were a little 😂😂😂

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