Thursday in San Giovanni

Day started early with a jog to the stables for morning riding with Alf’i!

The people that work here was making the commercial around the ring better and they used a nail gun so Alf’i got very disturbed by if! We went to another ring and rode there until they were done! Then we went back again and he was okey!

Went back to the hotel and had breakfast! First class today for us was the GP qualifier! But before the class started I had time to do some dressage with Teddy! Not so hard training today! Mostly checking that the gas and brake was working and that he would change the canter! It went well

The class started and I rode Picsou first of our horses! Had a great round, clear! We took of one rein of the bit before I went inside and he was a lot easier to regulate! Happy!

Next was Alf’i! I had two down, but a good round! Nothing happened when we had the rails, it was a good distance, rhythm and balance! I wish we had been clear, but I’m not unhappy about the round!

I rode Duc some dressage, mostly Trott to make him soft before we feed lunch to the horses

After feeding me and Helle went to hang out by the pool!

Sooo good

went to walk Picsou and Alf’i in the evening! Helle took Teddy and Duc!got Ice cream also together with Thelma and Valentin! A good day! Just miss ❤️Francois that is at home! Can’t wait to see him on Sunday again

2 thoughts on “Thursday in San Giovanni”

  1. Hei, jeg har fått en 4 åring. Hun er kjempesnill og flink og kommet relativt langt i utdanningen Hun er hoppet inn og kan hoppe små baner. Men jeg lurer på om du har noen tips når det gjelder å ri en så ung hest? Do’s and dondt’s? 😀


    1. Det er veldig individuelt fra hest til hest! Men mye variert trening er DO! Ri på tur og ri på trening, variert underlag osv! Dont- hvis den har hatt en fri periode, husk å longere før du hopper opp! Di små kan være katapulter etter en ukes hvile ! Lykke til


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