Arezzo equestrian style tour! Tuesday and Wednesday

The trip to Arezzo went fine! The horses behaved super and the traffic was going great!

Only stopped one time to feed them and take some Diesel

I never been to the equestrian style tour before! Only Toscana tour in the spring, where it’s over 1500 horses in Arezzo and very very busy!

This time it was maybe only 400 horses and we got to stay in the permanent stables and have the Lorre really close to! What a luxury!

Tuesday after noon and evening went by to packing out and walking the 3 guys! And brushing them, Duc LOOOOVES it


Got up early and did our normal morning routine!

Feed everyone musli, take one horse and walk him for 5 min, put him in the middle of the stables tied up, muck out the box, change the water and give hay!

Then the same routine with next horse! Since I only have 3 horses here and no stress this day I walked them all 15 min each extra after the stables routine was done!

went back in the truck and had some breakfast and chilled a little before i started to ride! Here are some truck pics since I know you like that!

Started with some dressage on Picsou! Had to work him quite a lot, first he was a bit stiff and then I had to work out the “freshness” so we could get to soft relaxed and listening to mewe went to have a look in the big grass arena to! Arena Boccaccio Next was Teddy! We went to the clear round ring and did a clear round! He jumped great and was easy to ride! What’s great about Teddy is that he does not run or is not strong, normally if I say go he goes and if I say wait he waits

Duc also has dressage and was super! Loose in his body, listening and in general a very very good boy

After riding Duc it was time for vet check and the suns up Wednesday

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