Sunday and no GP for us

I decided not to jump the GP on Sunday!

-I wanted to go home and have a real check up with Picsou. Could have ridden Duc, but as he almost only have been jumping 135 the whole season I felt it was a bit unfair to go straight from 140 to the GP. At least one 145 class should be between!

I rode some light dressage on Picsou just to feel how he was and let him move a bit! and then me and the Sexy groom sat down to watch the GP

LOVE THE WHITE JEM RIDINGBREECHES! They are 165 euro and we have free shipping! WORLD WIDE


After the GP it was time for Duc to have a easy round in 135! Check him out! When we ask him: Who’s a good boy?

I got a J Van D jacket

Last class before we started to pack was Teddy’s and me, Debut in 130! It went really good, one down on a oxer coming out of a right turn, he still needs to be stronger in the right canter! But all in all I am very happy with how he jumped it!

We paid, packed and said Goodbye and hope to see you soon to Titziana and Marina!

Titziana (brown hair) is one of the key reasons why Arezzo that has the capacity to stable and compete over 1 500 horses works so well! To have a person like this in your team is not only gold, it’s DIAMOND! So please when you speak to her, speak with respect, she is there to help you and it’s a puzzle you can’t even imagine to get everything working. So be kind, humble and wait for your turn. If you are irritated, well then , – PLEASE step out of her office and calm yourself down before you come back! If you think you are tired and work a lot, then you HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE DOES!!!A little piece of advice to you, that want something special to be ready, or a special box in Arezzo when you come! PLAN AHEAD! Their are so many who also want that, so give at least, and I’m saying AT LEAST a 2 WEEKS notice for what you wish for! And if it’s a special box during the Toscana tour that is so full, submit your wish at least a month before the tour even starts! Many people book their boxes for next year already now!

Yeah, and we also had the traditional burger Picsou being grumpy that we are taking down his fan..

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