Trip home and Home from Arezzo!

Haha! Me and sexy groom! Up at 01.00 We was looking forward to the long drive home, me in the truck and her in the Yaris! Eating our calzone pizza and crepe with Nutella banana, and just “KOSE OSS” enjoy the trip home!

It did not last that long.. we had successfully loaded the horses on, and closed the ramp, just started to drive when the Sexy groom discovers this: AJAJAJAJJJJJJ!! But not in a good IM GLORIA IM GLORIA OH HEY KISS ME, KISS ME, a AJAJAJJJJ. More like a WTF ajjjajjajjjjjj

It was not fair to the horses to be loaded off and have to drive home in the day when it’s loads of traffic.

The sexy groom got money for Taxi and hotel and I started my way home alone with the 3 horses.

  • Poor sexy groom! All hotels was closed or full.. so sleeping in the car until Toyota opened at 08.00 in the morning was the night for her!
  • I had a good drive home and the horses behaved perfect! Got home safe on time for Francois to come and help me unload! The girls at the stables also stepped in so it went smooth! It’s not like 3 horses are to much for me to take out alone, it’s just that when they see that they are home they WANT TO GO OUT ALL AT THE SAME TIME AND NOT WAIT! NOT WAIT!!!!
  • I cleaned the truck and Francois helped me take my stuff in to the car. Grocery shopping was the next
  • home! Had a long sleep before I went to the stables! The sexy groom had packed out the tack, so I just rode a little on teddy and Ice TeaThe rest of the horses handwalked, and or was on the treadmill
  • 1 thought on “Trip home and Home from Arezzo!”

    1. Enough with the ”sexy groom”-talk. Maybe she thinks it flattering but you know what, there are more important things to be as a girl. Like smart, kind or simply an excellent groom. Or any other trait that has no relevance to physical attributes. I think it degrades her.


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