First of all, Thank you Anna for taking time to comment on my blog!! It made me very happy! It’s really GREAT!

I WISH PEOPLE WOULD COMMENT MORE HERE! Would make it much more fun! And please SHARE the blog on social media!

Second, my opinion of your comment!

It’s great and also interesting how you think about “THE SEXY GROOM” , how being called that “looks” differently in different peoples eyes and society! Let’s discuss

SEXY GROOM! What a compliment and a honor also! But what does it mean? Degrading? REALLY?

Just because a woman is sexy and beautiful , receives comment on her attractive appearances,- does that make her a bad worker or downgraded in any way?


If you read my blog I often mention how I come between 06.00 and 07.00 in the morning to ride one of the horses before the class! I often have pictures of a well cleaned horse, in a clean stable, THAT EARLY! So anyone that sees that must understand that the SEXY GROOM must at least have been up at 05.00 to do all this!

I see it and everyone at the show sees it! I often put out pictures on insta of the horses in the boxes, all of them have 2 water buckets each that at all time have been full AND CLEAN, I have not seen a horse standing with half water more than 2 min before THE SEXY GROOM have refilled it!

The horses boxes have always been perfectly cleaned, so has the tack! And it has been a lot of post of her alone or us together walking the horses.

Me and the horses has always looked great to each class, and I have been able to warm up super with her in the warm up every time! Never complained about it! And the results shows harmony and well being between horse/rider/groom

So how can it be possible that anyone here, or in the real world can think that a compliment like being called SEXY GROOM is degrading?

Have you never thought about that Helle maybe is a girl that has worked to have a body like that, that has spend hours in the gym to be strong! And specially then other girls that often can be cruel and jealous of each other can accept that men think she is beautiful and sexy and call her sexy groom! And that us other girls admire her for her appearances, not only her amazing body, but also the ability to stay so clean and fresh while taking care of 4-5 horses in 35+ degrees?

Not degrading at all!

It’s more degrading not to be supportive of other beautiful women, and understand that just because a woman gets the compliment of being sexy or gorgeous, has nothing to do with her ability to work or not!

Women should embrace each other’s qualities, if it’s beauty, mathematic skills, ability to work hard and preform under pressure or all of the above in one perfect





23 thoughts on “FINALLY A COMMENT🙏”

  1. Thank you Eva for always standing by my side and support me!
    I also want to say that no one knows how much you(Eva) always says that you appreciate my work and who I am. I definitely know that I’m not only “the sexy groom” for you.

    Some people maybe need to relax a bit and take a look at their own manors, and on how they see other women.
    It’s okey to be SEXY!!


  2. I think the title of Sexy Groom is wonderful! She is hard working, pays attention to what is needed and does it, provides the support a rider needs and looks beautiful doing all that.


  3. Sexy Groom is a loving and accurate statement! Helle isn’t just gorgeous, she’s so talented and Eva loves telling everyone how amazing she is! Love and support to you both ladies!!


  4. I love that your groom is not just a groom to you but a friend that you support and build up because of your appreciation of her. I thought the “ sexy groom”. Title was a bit of a joke. It’s true that Helle can work her ass off and still look amazing. I love that you celebrate her curves.


  5. I love reading about the sexy groom and looking at the amazing bond you guys have ! Here in south Africa I havent ever met a female groom! You guys are awesome. I admire Helle for the way she works and looks so immaculate all the time! She rides well and is actually a total inspiration. Woman who work this hard and look this amazing deserve to be called sexy! Because a hard working, brave, friendly, passionate and talented female like Helle is SEXY!!


  6. She can be sexy and also hardworking and intelligent and kind and whatnot! You are lucky to have a good groom like her 😊💎


      1. Of course she can but we don’t get to know anything more than that she’s the ”sexy groom”. Also it cements the fact that women are foremost judged by their looks and not their brains and/or talent and I’m sure she has both.

        If you think my comment means I don’t stand by her or that a woman can’t have both beauty and brains, you got it all wrong. I guess this is not the forum for feminism 😏


      2. And it annoys me you think I said being called sexy is degrading, of course it’s not. But I don’t know crap about Helle more than she’s called SEXY GROOM. I’m sure she’s more than that.

        Women have the pressure to be perfect and sexy all the time, I wish we would focus more on other things. The stables are many girls and womens free zone from our apperence obsessed society. Let’s keep it that way.





        Click to access SVIF-3-2014-Ridtjejer-negativ-kroppsuppfattning.pdf


  7. Eva you should have that published! ALL women need to read this! There is nothing wrong with being sexy and acknowledging it and still being respected as a hard worker!


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