The discussion continues

Again THANK YOU Anna for sharing your opinions with us so we can put a light on this topic and talk about it!

Her is Anna’s answer to my previous post

She also put these links with it! That you can see in the previous post!

Please Anna, I’m not angry with your opinion, I just want to clarify a couple of your points, to share my opinion! And I am very grateful that you have started this discussion that is very important



First things first: what does people now a days call Sexy on social media? Not to be cruel, but most usual it’s not the “type” of Helle, the Sexy Groom!

This is typical what we call Sexy today

The typical sexy on social media eats smoothie bowls and salads!

So you are taking about calling Helle, -sexy groom as a way to put pressure on looking perfect, beautiful and sexy all the time. And that the stables should be a free zone where you can be yourself.

Please open your eyes! When Helle is called SEXY GROOM we are proving the exact opposite!

Helle eats bread, she even eats sandwiches that I have made for her with marshmallows on, we are eating pizza, pasta and ice cream like every day!!

The whole thing with SEXY GROOM started in San Remo, it was the first show for Helle with us! And the first show for her as a groom ever!

We had 5 horses with us and the classes was going very quick so it was a lot of pressure on for her!

  • She had with her a friend to help out also, but it was the first time for the friend as well. And Helle had the main responsibility!
  • Some of my male rider friends noticed how Helle worked in high speed with very good precision and they also told me she is a beauty !
  • One of them said “she’s the sexy groom” ! And so it started!
  • I did not know Helle so well at that time so i did not even tell here that people was calling her the sexy groom!
  • -But I did before we left for San Giovanni! Then we knew each other really well and I thought it was funny and inspiring! At first she did not even believe me, but the SEXY GROOM spread fast, and after a couple of days in San Giovanni they started to call her SEXY GROOM to her face!
  • It was not before the last week she got the SEXY GROOM t-shirt! And the t-shirt is not typically sexy at all! It’s just a normal unfitted t-shirt with a round neck, does not show any cleavage at all. But she still looked sexy with it, not only because she (according to me and many others) has a incredible sexy, healthy body, but also because of her confidence!
  • Helle has not at any point at all taking it as a critic or downgraded, rather feel empowered by it! At least I have! It’s a inspiration, for some many reasons!
  • It beats the prototype:
  • That you have to look super skinny and eat clean all the time to be noticed and be sexy

  • Like the other girls in the riding adds!
  • If you start to talk that this is not a page to be for feminist’s that’s really misunderstood! Can’t you see that exactly what we are here! That you can look exactly how you want, and be confident in that, be sexy and get compliments from both women and men! And take those compliments with pride, because you know that people not only see your appearances but also what a great person you are!
  • And even if someone just appreciate Helle’s appearances, because they don’t know her, it’s nothing wrong with that ether!
  • What pressure social media puts is individual, I decide in what grade seeing pictures like this should effect me. And how I should feel about it. And if it makes me feel bad I have to do a better job to learn how to control my emotions
  • I have a totally different type of body than Helle, and if someone should tell me I’m sexy I would take it as a compliment, not “WHAT, you say I’m sexy, that’s so offensive, I am so much more than that” ! NO I WOULD NOT REACT LIKE THAT, because I know who I am, I’m confident in ME, and I am confident that people also see how I am in a total packet! Helle being called SEXY GROOM had nothing to do with body pressure, or pressure to look perfect! She looks beautiful, fit and strong without having to weight 51 kg!
  • So the whole thing with SEXY GROOM is actually a step in the right direction when it comes to body, appearance and attitude for the whole social media world that has followed us!
  • 20 thoughts on “The discussion continues”

    1. Gooo Girls !! 💪🏼
      Eva you describe it the right way!
      Helle really show us the right side of féminism: you can work really hard for more ours in dust and everything and still looks amazing. And thats the Woman of Today with shaped curves.
      And in Reality what loves a Men more than a beautiful girl (with no Society/social Media standard) with a beautiful smile.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Jättebra skrivet Eva. 👍🏼 De lyser bara svartsjuka över de Anna skriver. Herre gud….ska du nu Eva ta ansvar för hur tjejer i stallarna kommer må. Nä du Anna, är de några som mobbar o trycker ner varandra så är det de personer som står i samma stall som får varandra att må dåligt👊🇸🇪 Frizon=eget stall♥️


      1. Hur tänkte du nu? Varför är man avundsjuk så fort man har en kritisk åsikt? På vad? Läste du länkarna? Vem ska ta ansvar? Alla andra?

        Har hela #metoo gått er helt förbi?


    3. Very well said! Sexy is a state of mind, not an appearance! Helle is very sexy, you are very sexy, it shows in your confidence and your attitude. Girlpower!


    4. Uhu how can it be a step in the right direction to call your groom sexy? We need less focus on our looks not more, regardless what we look like. Two wrongs doesn’t make a right.

      If I was called sexy at work I would call it sexual harassment.


      1. I don’t Feel that way at all. Me and Eva have this really strong bond and have a lot of respect for each other, so don’t worry.
        But I also hear what you say, if I had another work maybe I wouldn’t feel the same. Me and Eva doesn’t only work together , we are also very good friends private , if we weren’t I’m sure she wouldn’t call me the sexy groom. So, for me it’s totally okey as it is, and then it should be okey for everybody else.


    5. I just really don’t understand why everyone is making such a big deal about this! If Eva wants to call Helle sexy, why shouldn’t she? And ofcourse we know Helle in other ways than sexy because Eva’s horses always look great and I know for a fact that doesn’t just happen. So my point is let’s all just mind our own bussiness. In that way Eva can ride her beautiful horses, let Helle be the sexy,awesome, smart and kind groom that she is and we all enjoy their teamwork! 🤩


    6. This is so interesting to me, i had wondered why helle was only referred to as the sexy groom and just imagined there wad a great story behind it! And there is! Some people call powerful and fast cars sexy and it sounds like Helle is amazing at her job, fast and strong 😉 so it’s not only her appearance


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