Haha! Me and this girl Anna! Really keeping the blog alive! And it’s so interesting! Here’s her best comment according to me this day! And a comment that deserves a post!

Anna, first of all women and men’s body’s are VERY VERY IMPORTANT! BUT VERY!

Why? Because being to thin is not healthy and being to fat is not healthy ether!

(Pic from google) How can you say it’s not important or has no relevance? It is a big demand of getting jobs, and a lot of people go without jobs. A job opens up at a cow farm, this man deeply wants a job and would like to work at a farm. But with this body he has no chance helping with birth of baby cows, it’s difficult to get in and out of the tractor and he is not as mobilize and move easy around because of his big heavy body. He will get tired a lot faster than a man the same age with this body:

to get the job you don’t have to look at this guy with the 6 pack, but your body and appearance of course has a fair play in how you present yourself and what opportunity’s you can get! Because if you are to fat it limits you. And it’s dangerous for your health

What if you are to thin then? Yes that’s also dangerous! One of my BFF is getting osteoporosis because she is so skinny. Her bones are getting as porous as a old person and she’s only in her twenty’s! Also, you can get a lot of other sickness by being to skinny, especially if you are not getting enough nutrition!and if you look like this there’s also a lot of jobs that can be difficult to get! You might not be able to work at a ware house, certainly not as a groom, and if you want to drive a taxi you might not be able to help your customers with the luggage. To be a assistant it can be to heavy and to long days with to much running around and carry stuff if you are this thin. Even to work as a secretary at a law firm when you have to carry the big files willepeople that might considering to give a important job to a to thin person can be scared that the person might be sick or not being able to take the work load. And I can understand that. If you are a employer, you have the responsibility on behalf of the company and the co workers to find the best person for the job, and if you hire the very fat person for the farm job the other people that he has to work with might end up doing the double because the very far person naturally moves slow, and if you hire the very thin person it can be the same.

So yes! What body type you have is important!

And it should be important to you also, not only for how other people might react to you. But most IMPORTANT for your own health

If it’s possible it’s good for your inner organs to stay in a healthy body with the a little + – weight that your doctor say is right for your body type!

With knowing this trying to same us for putting positive attention on Helle’s body that is very healthy and strong. A girl that eats, moves and are happy is a little bit sad! We should have more role models like Helle!

It’s also cases with people who are to thin or maybe over weight because they are sick or/and taking medication that make them gain or loose weight. Then we need to help these people, except them for how they are and help them to get to the goal of coming in a healthy body! And keep working on it with a positive attitude not pressure everyday!

And about appearances, if we are hiring a new person to work for us, we don’t care about that the clothes must be a special brand or that they are wearing this or that. We care that they come clean. If someone would show up hangover or half drunk, their appearances would then for us be a STRAIGHT NO! So even appearances and how you present yourself is important!


I AGREE, to be called sexy at work might be MAYOR OFFENSIVE! Or IT IS MAYOR OFFENSIVE!!!

AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHY WHEN THE MAN CALLED HER SEXY GROOM THE FIRST TIME I DID NOT EVEN TELL HER!! I told her later when we knew each other, I asked her what she thought about that, and she said she thought it was funny! And she liked it!

SHE SAID: That’s our thing now, I’m your SEXY GROOM!


If her reaction would have been different I would have told EVERYONE who EVER tried to call her that to STOP! And I would NEVER have called her that myself!

6 thoughts on “ANNA, YOU GOT ME AGAIN😃”

  1. The imoportent thing is that Helle is happy! She has enough selfconfidence to know to take it as Nice comment 💪🏼❤️


  2. I think rather to compliment each other for our accomplishments and/or personality traits without putting any pressure on the person to feel obligated as to achieve or to be. I.e. “Good job, I can see how much effort you have put in to this!”, or “I admire your confidence”.


  3. Eva sorry for taking so long in leaving a comment but these past weeks have been crazy, but I really wanted to give my opinion in this topic.
    I have always thought that the more you give attention to a certain issue the more important it becomes, so now days with all the feminism topics and all the “woman power” comments what those woman want is not to be treated equall to men they want to be superio; but none of us is superior because we all have different roles in life ( but we can never be the same as men because each and one of us have different characteristics and we woman we’ll be better at man in some things and man will be better than us at some things) but there comes respect. And I think now days people are so confused in what they really are that anything you say to them will be disrespectful even though you didn’t mean it in that way, so I think that the “sexy groom” is so confident with who she is that doesn’t matter what they tell to her (bad and good things) she knows who she is, as well with you; you know who you are and it doesn’t matter what others think you are happy because the opinion of others doesn’t really matter, so all the people who takes comments so personal are people who deep inside are insecure because they don’t really know who they are.
    In other topic hahaha I have a question; I read that chia seeds are great in all aspects to horses; but do you know if I can just pour the Chia seeds in the bucket of water or does it need to be dry?.
    Thank you and greetings from Mexico!!


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