Holiday in Turkey Istanbul

It appears to be that “Anna” does not have any objections or interesting subjects to my previous post, so I want to thank her for raising important subjects and I will now continue to write about me ❤️Francois and the horses

So it’s started with that! And the fact that I love fashion and had packed a lot of different outfits for both me and ❤️Francois! -that ❤️Francois was grumpy over to have to carry 😂

Anyway to sum up the holidays in Istanbul!

the line to immigration was very very very long!

Important to get a taxi with a taximeter

The hotel was GREAT!

Good gym! and pool! good pool bar! No line at all

While waiting in the line at the airport for immigration, other travelers told us in the line that pocket thief’s was very usual in Istanbul. That they would touch you on the left side and direct your attention their while someone would steal from you on the right side. That you should not ask stranger to take a phone of you with your phone, and so on. It got me and ❤️Francois quite paranoid, so we did not even wear our watches when we went to town or the sites. When it was crowded I was scared to to take my phone up from my bra where I hide it safely. But our impression of the Turkish people is that they are very kind, and we did not have any bad experiences!

The history, very very exciting! The gelato was so so, better in Italy

The cakes was amazing! Starbucks just next door to the hotel! Big + for me! Haha

Shopping in Istinye Park was good! A lot of shops all the brands you can imagine! Everything from Chanel to HM, and all you can imagine in between

View from the hotel room was a stunner

Ready to go out for dinner with my love❤️

They sold this everywhere

Between all the site seen, we had time to visit a beach!

Did you know that Hagia Sophia has been home to 3 different religions

Last dinner in Istanbul! Food was really good

See yah! And thank you so much for this time Sheraton Ataköy

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