In a hurry

I was sure that I was going to remove a birthmark today at 15.30, so I got up at 06.00 and did my cardio mountain at 07.00 and took the train down at 09. On my way to the stables my ❤️King phoned me and told me that my appointment is at 11.30, not at 15.30!

OKEY. So I had no choice than to speed up! Only had time to ride Teddy!

Check out how beautiful the JEM breeches are in Bordeaux

Me and Teddy went for a forest ride! It hasn’t been raining for a while so it’s quite hard on the ground, since it’s so dry!

So not to much Trott and canter. But it was perfect for him today, cause he felt a little tired! even thought we could not train hard it’s good for him to go out! And it’s not necessary to train hard everyday!

Rushes and just made it to my appointment! It went good! Done

Rewarded myself with some Starbucks after!

Btw, check out the shoes I’m wearing today. Dior made some converse inspired shoes, and I said I would never buy them because I felt like converse shoe sole was like the sole of a rubber boot. But I always admired girls who wear converse in a cool way, when they have them so tight on then foot!

Then I got my glitter converse in Cattolica and I liked the sole! And after a while I got these two as presents. Maybe I got one of them first but did not use them cause I thought I didn’t like them.

Helle had the Q and A thing on her Instagram, and she got this one concerning my cake baking and eating

Haha! What I actually ate for breakfast! Not that much right! I OFC eat a banana and a protein pudding also! Breakfast is the most important meal for me!

Now the 3 of us was watching World Championship in Showjumping in the FEI TV

A little clip from instastory, haha! Talking a lot to Instagram!

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