This morning before starting to ride me and the SEXY GROOM did a lot of fun stuff! We are a little obsessed with the film BORAT! Helle LAUGHING OUT LAUD while I sing the national anthem of Kazakhstan!

And we filmed some for Parlanti also got a new fly bonnet for the horses from Customized by Merle! THANK YOU! I unboxed it together with Duc!

Afterwords I did some dressage with Duc and a couple of small jumps

I did dressage with Teddy! Working on the right canter! Really need to keep him straight on the left and be observant and prevent him from putting his hindlegs inside the right track! Here’s me and Teddy and my outfit! JEM ONE SEEM in Navy/blue, Fendi t-shirt, Chanel belt, Kep ITALIA Helmet and Parlanti Passion boots!

Next horse was Ice Tea! Dressage for him also! Would like to go out in the forest for some gallop, but it hasn’t rained a drop in many weeks and the ground is to dry and hard! Ice Tea got to do A LOT of gallop in the ring instead with focus on active hindlegs and light in front

Went for my cardio mountain and watched tv with ❤️Francois in the evening!

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