More jumping

Started my day with the cardio mountain before I headed to the stables!

Me and Helle the SEXY GROOM build some exercises! The normal gymnastic line with just verticals this time.

Another line with a vertical and 3 strides to a Vertical one stride combination.

And another line with a cavaletti, two strides to a oxer, and 4 strides to a vertical!

Teddy was first out! Or first me and Helle did some crazy instastory that I was chased by a gipsy! Similar to this scene in Borat


So after joking around WAY to long I jumped with Teddy’lino! He was awesome! He’s coming better and better every time! His front leg and push off was already better today than two days a go!

Next was the Ice Machine! Ice Tea was also good and very rideable! I don’t have much to say really!! He was top!

I also rode a lot with Duc without bridle today, dressage, I jumped and I rode in the forest! Sweetest horse ever!

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