Packing for the show

Helle clipped Duc while I did my morning cardio! So he was all nice and leek when I arrived!

I started to ride Ice Tea! We had dressage today! My outfit! This really pretty JEM ridingbreeches and the crazy Gucci jacket, and a Gucci sweatshirt! as always Parlanti boots and KEP helmet.

Ice tea and me had dressage! But we also jumped some small jumps like this! No reins! He is such a good and sweet boy! He was perfect to ride today, so it did not take a long time, and that was good since we also had to pack for the show!

Next horse was Teddy! He’s fur looked great so no clipping for him today! Or I did clip his mane and his front hair a little! Haha! Dressage for him also! 90% right canter today. Since the right canter is so much weaker that the left I some days focus almost all the time on making the right canter better and stronger

Last one to ride was Duc! Even though both of us loves to ride without a bridle we had to use one today and work a bit serious! My plan is that me and him are gonna do the GP next show! I’m not saying that people who ride without bridle are not riding serious, but for me to work him correct I am still on that level that I need the help of a bridle

The rest of the day went by to pack the tack for the show and get groceries to eat at the show!

Me and ❤️Francois watched a film in the evening! And it was really cozy!

Went early to bed since we was gonna drive in the morning!

I’m in a phase that I want to eat this everyday ! In Norway it’s called Sjokoladebolle they have it at the grocery store where we shop so I eat one as I’m getting my grocery and pay it afterwords in the registry! Haha! I have to say though, that I bake the best once myself! I will surely do some for Christmas! Already looking forward to it. I think I even will use some Norwegian milk chocolate! And perhaps some vanilla sugar! Mmmmm

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