Hi guys! I made this Vlog a loooong time ago! Haha! Just forgot to publish it!

Anyway, to teach the horses in a nice way how to jump the water is something very important for me!

And here you can see my method!

I did not always do it like this, but when I came to Danmark and became the second rider on Alfarvad, Lone Kroman that rode the Olympic Games and everything else, won the danish championship maybe 10 times showed me how to teach the horses to jump the water like this

Before I meet Lone I had only seen some more aggressive ways to learn the horse, some even just gallop after another horse and hope your horse jumps also. That was fine if the horse jumped, but if I’d didn’t jump more aggressive methods of force was used.

I asked Lone if by teaching the horses to jump the water like this would not make the horses just jump in to the water.

She said a careful horse will always jump over, and a uncareful horse will at one point start to jump in Anyway. By teaching them like this they will be confident and you will not have to chase them over the water which will result in faults on the jumps that comes after the water!

Thank you Lone for teaching me this very horse friendly way!


2 thoughts on “A NEW VLOG IS OUT”

  1. I believe that a horse should jump both fences and water jumps from free will. As an amateur rider I know how difficult it is to ride the horse correctly between the fences. A horse which are not scared of any fence makes it much more easy to have fun riding a course.


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