What is more fun? To see a person sit around and talk about stuff? Tag a long for shopping? Or see some videos like I have made where you see me ride and also do other crazy stuff!

This Vlog I made together with Skin! It was so funny, to go to Geneva and Royalp with my Kep helmet! But it’s also a deeper theme in the video, how you can learn to see strides, count strides and be confident to jump high


Incase the video link does not work, click here: LEARN TO SEE THE DISTANCE

If you practice enough and count the 1,2,3 strides between the 3 jumps your subconsciousness will after a while learn how 3 strides looks like, and you will be able to see/ recognize 3 strides before single fences, and like that you learn to see the distance

One of my own favorite YouTube Vlogs learning video must be this one! Cause I think I have a very good system when it comes to remember the course and think how to ride at shows! Also how to warm up in a good way!


We also had a lot of fun when we made it!

And then it’s these kind of YouTube videos, where it’s just like hanging out with a person, and in this case me!


You don’t really learn anything in the video, you just follow me around!

SO PLEASE! Tell me !! What do you prefer to see? Casual days with me? Or videos where I actually give tips and stuff how to do or train something specific?

I would also be very happy if you can share my videos/YouTube channel/ and my blog on your social media!

7 thoughts on “Vlogs”

  1. I think a good MIX is the best! Sometimes you watch a video to learn about something, but in the “just sit and talk” kind of videos it feel like we can learn about YOU which is also nice.


  2. Hi Eva!!! In my case I would prefer tips and how to do stuff because we never finish learning!! But from time to time a casual video would be funny!! Thank you for taking time to do the vlogg I really love it!!


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