Show starting!

First class! Teddy’lino! Helle had made him beautiful ready and we were both excited for a nice calm warm up with Teddy!

Omg, RODEO!! He was so fresh, the air was a bit crispy in the morning and he got a rocket in his ass when he heard the other horses jumping in the ring on the other side of the trees that separated the arena from the warm up! He was bucking and throwing himself sideward!

In the ring he luckily got concentrated! One down! Actually happy with it! Haha, you would be to if you had that warm up I had!

I rode Teddy in gallop like 30 min in the indoor after the class!! So he’ll hopefully will be more calm tomorrow

Next horse was Duc in the GP qualifier! Good round with one down! He was top top top! One unlucky pole!

I was going to jump Ice Tea, but he is for sale and he was instead tried by a top rider!

Other than that we was quite busy to organize a new tire for the Yaris! Haha, so the Yaris also could go back on Sunday!

I also meet some of my amazing followers! That’s so nice

Me and the SEXY GROOM are in the truck and went early to bed! Both tired! So cozy to go to bed in the truck when you are tired and can cooze yourself under a nice fluffy rug! And what’s good is that Helle wants to have approximately the same temperature for sleeping that me! We have our own beds ofc!

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