Saturday at the show in Milano

Saturday! New day! We did not take any chances with Teddy today so The Sexy Groom longed him before we went to the warm up! So today he was almost tired! Behaved perfect in the warm up and placed as NR 5 in the class! Jiiipppii

Flowed up by Duc that JUMPED AMAZING! We took a lot of chances the whole round, and he was with me all the way! 6.place in the GP qualifier! Haha!! Did some Insta story where we let the horses smell the ribbon to be able to find/catch some more ribbons the next day!

Ice Tea was also super today! His first class with Natale! They jumped the small GP with only one down! TOP TOP TOP!

Me and the Sexy groom helping him in the warm up!

It was carrots for everyone before me and Helle went to get some gelato

We went to a local shopping mall and got loads of Pepsi max and some gelato!

Horse walking when we got back and unboxing this beautiful bracelet from Nada Triaval

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