Okey, okej

Aaaaah! What a uuh blog post to write

Almost from when Helle started we knew it was a time limit to how long she would stay, we did not talk about it or blog/Instagram it because we wanted to be in the now! In all the fun! Not in all: she’s going soon! And since some of my guys are out with injuries it was no need for me to get a new groom before after Christmas anyway!

So back to that day! We had arrived from the show in Milano at 02.30 at the stables, quickly took the horses out, bandaged off, and changed the rugs on them!

While Helle gathered her last stuff, I mucked out the truck. And then we went home to mine and ❤️Francois house! We arrived a little after 04.00. At 05.15 we had to drive Helle to the airport!

Luckily I HAVE THE BEST MAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD!! ❤️Francois was waiting for us when we came home! Loaded Helle’s luggage from the Yaris to the Mercedes and let us sleep one hour before he drove us to Geneva! I slept the whole way there, but I could hear in my half sleep ❤️Francois and Helle talking a little!

When we arrived ❤️Francois bought us breakfast at Starbucks. I think we already started to cry as the car pulled up to the airport! It was hard to say goodbye! We have had such a fantastic time together! I am sure Helle will do great things with her life! And I’m already looking forward to see her again!

The rest of the day went by with me going with ❤️Francois to his massage appointment, or I slept in the car, and afterwords I slept one more hour in bed before I had to meet our vet in the stables to give Picsou some shock wave therapy and take care of the rest of the horses!

In the evening my 👑KING❤️ took me to eat hamburger on my favorite place in Villars! And then I slept early!

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