Internet shopping

Wanted to do a little post of things I like! Like shopping! This is not a sponsored post!

But I do want to start with this

HW EQUESTRIAN! If you live in Norway this is the place to buy the JEM breeches from Pro Horse international!

The JEM, JEM ONE SEEM and JEM L are really the best breeches in the world according to me! REMEMBER DO NOT WASH WITH FABRIC SOFTENER!!!!!!

Not only do HW Equi have my awesome riding breeches! They also have really nice show jackets and shirts saddle pads and bridles AND! NEW AND USED SADDLES!!! AMAZING, on top of that they have all the usual stuff,- like boots and bandages

You can find their web shop here HW EQUESTRIAN

If you live in the USA, you can buy the PRO HORSE INTERNATIONAL breeches directly from Noëlle Floyd! Or also from the pro horse web shop! But From the Noëlle Floyd shop, the advantages is that the breeches are already in the US! So it’s quicker

and as you can see on the list they have A LOT of cool brands!

You can find their web shop here NOËLLE FLOYD

I also have to tips about the VEREDUS site! What’s so special with their web shop is that you can design your own VEREDUS boots exactly how you want them! Something to keep in mind as Christmas is approaching

Direct link to design your own boots VEREDUS DESIGN YOUR OWN BOOTS

And as we are on this, I feel I have to remind you that with Kep ITALIA you can design your own helmet with using the Configurator! Direct link to the configurator


Here is even a YouTube film when I get my new helmet from KEP!

If you live in Italy I would recommend SELLERIA SANDRI! Very friendly staff and they have all the cool brands

You can find the direct link to the shop here SELLERIA SANDRI

They also have Equipe, and I get like 1000 messages about Teddy’s bridle and noseband, you can find similar on their web shop!

If you love Cavlleria Toscana, and other cool jackets from other brands! My friend Jossans and Jack shop, ESPAYO EQUESTRIAN is the one for you! Although they don’t sell Pro Horse, I think it’s a amazing shop for specially equestrian wear

When I look at their beautiful online shop it almost seems like they have the whole collection of Cavalleria Toscana! So many great products! Loads of different brands


When it comes to shopping normal clothes for me I prefer to go to the shops in person! I enjoy talking with my sales agent in the different shops and they know what I want! But if I have to do online clothes or shoe shopping I do it here! They have a lot of everything from all the cool brands


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